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I’m not one for political correctness. I see it as a nice way to censor speech that makes people uncomfortable, even if the views expressed aren’t hateful or ignorant. I’m not very touchy about having bipolar; I call myself “crazy” or “batshit”, refer to my psychiatrist as a shrink, and joke about suicide and medication side effects.

Mental illness is a burden on my life every day. I want to be able to lighten it up sometimes! I wouldn’t call someone else “crazy” simply because it could have a different personal connotation to them, but I think for the most part we need to relax. The portrayal of people with mental illness in pop culture could be responsible for those of us affected to be more sensitive to informal language about our disorders. If there were more images and characters on TV and in movies that showed that mental illness is only one part of a person rather than the character’s identity, more real-life people would be able to relax and take un-PC terms in stride.

What is your opinion in this? Is there a particular word or label for mental illness that rubs you the wrong way? Do you make an effort to be politically correct? What are your views on popular culture and its portrayal of mental illness?



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