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I was going to write a long post on another topic when I realized that the side effects of one of my meds would make that impossible. I’m on 300 mg of Seroquel nightly and because of its sedative-like qualities I won’t be able to write logically for a few hours. So I decided to post about medication side effects, lack of logic be damned!

When I was 15 years old I was on Celexa and it made me extremely aggressive. I was so enraged by my family’s crappy waffle iron that I took it to the front driveway and destroyed it. I was swinging it around by the electrical cords and slamming it into the cement because it dared to burn one side of my waffle. I can only imagine what the neighbors thought! That incident led to me and my mom asking my Shrink to take me off of the Celexa.

Depakote convinced me that I could “hear” the electrical appliances that were plugged into the wall outlet. I would hear this buzzing/vibrating noise that felt like it was crawling its way through my brain tissue. It became a nightly occurrence to sweep through the house, unplugging all of the electrical equipment so that I could fall asleep.

200 mg of Wellbutrin would make me zone out completely. According to my fiance I looked like someone in a zombie movie. I remember everything “going away” in my head and not having to respond to outside stimuli, but I guess it freaked out my parents and my fiance. There was something liberating about freeing myself from the obligations of interpersonal interaction, but it was definitely not the healthiest way of dealing with bipolar. And it made me impervious to tickling for some reason. I have no idea why! It was the oddest sensation, being zoned out but knowing somewhere that I should be reacting to the hands trying to tickle me, but not being able to.

What about you guys? Do you have any amusing, odd, or frightening side effects from psych medications? Have you experienced some of the same symptoms, or something completely different with the same med?



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