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Last night was the worst night of sleep I’ve had in years. It could be the alcohol I had earlier but I made sure I had sobered up before taking my night meds. It could be stress, but I sleep like a damn log now that I’m on Seroquel.

That’s the root of my fear. I’m worried that I’ll have to go up on my Seroquel dosage. It’s been the same for over two years and I should have developed a tolerance to it by now, but I don’t want to increase the milligrams. It means more worries about my cholesterol levels and the shitty first few weeks on a higher dose. Everything has been so stable that I’m terrified of altering anything that actually helps me. I’ve heard that changing a dose for some people can cause the medication to become ineffective. I really don’t want to lose the med that helps me the most.



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